Monday, September 29, 2008

Sleeping Sketch

I might color this one or I might not... anyway, I just wanted to do a cute picture with everybody sleeping(maybe after some sort of party? Or maybe a successful job where they actually get paid!)
left to right:
Adele, Lillia, Alec, Penelope, Claus, Galilee, Darcy, Melena, Horace.


Francesca B said...

Yeah! Getting paid for jobs! YEAH!!! Only happens in fiction. : ).

Katy Farina said...

Awwwww~!! Group shots are always really difficult for me, so I totally admire that you did this. @_@ I should try something like this... But I know I will and then get frustrated and have a tantrum, haha.

<3 Your characters are awesome

modernreaper said...

Yay group shots! I have problems with them too but its always fun to have a big cast put together and to let them interact.

They look like they're sleeping well. It must have been a good day 8D

Yeah I don't know the "reply" functions of blogspot but to respond to your comment my main blog is the one on, as it is my personal/updates blog. I did have one for Half Blood but no one ever bothered to look at it, so I'll prolly just use that to post art and stuff. the blogspot is my sketchbook and i check both religiously every day so either way I'll get comments~