Monday, September 8, 2008


Quincy was one of the first characters I ever created for the Meggido universe. He was originally a partner of Adele's when there were only 3 other characters (Adele, Lillia, Claus). He wields a large sword and has a score to settle with Alec, won't say too much about it now as it would ruin the suspense.
Quincy, his son and his wife over 10yrs ago.

He's good with kids, him and Lillia get along very well.

From a flashback scene... it makes me baww every time...

The oldest sketches that I have of him to date(So crappy looking...). I have even more Ancient ones but can't get to them right now. Strangely enough, even though everyone else's designs have changed a lot, Quincy's have stayed the same for almost 2yrs now.

Never finished the gun that Alec was holding... he never uses a gun really anyway. Quincy's sword is a broadsword and not a samurai sword either.

He originally comes into the story during the 2nd chapter. He's after Adele to begin with for the bounty on her head, but ends up backing off due to Lillia and the fact that he finds Alec again since he's been searching for him for quite some time. After this run-in Alec's more brutal nature and part of his back story will be revealed.
Quincy will show up later a few times, and then after the time jump, but I haven't decided if he plays a role in the final battle or not.

It's kinda sad that he isn't as much of a main character as he was supposed to be, but I think it's better this way. Hopefully I can bring you some more quality images of him later, I really don't draw him as much as I should...

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