Sunday, September 28, 2008

Main Character Combo!


These are the 3 main characters of my current stories I'm working on currently.
Left to right, Adele(Meggido), Liam, Karin(Transpose Operator).
So far the story that Liam is in hasn't really been posted about because it's not quite as thought out as it should be by now. It doesn't even have a name yet... I'd like to at least have an outline before I make a blog for it, and as it seems like it's going to be a long story I have no idea when that's going to be. Plus I'm already fully loaded on stuff to do at the moment...
I really like seeing them all together though, it's pretty neat :D


Francesca said...

Seriously, I like Liam already. Also hooray for having so many stories at the same time! Never be bored!

Anonymous said...

Roxy, Cool sketch.

This is Gerry Kulzer the Art teacher you sat next to at SGMS with Alicia.

After seeing this colored, I'm curious how you do the color? Markers or do you scan it and use a computer?

I'm teaching my Computer Graphics Class this semester and I'd like to use your work as an example if you're using a computer.

It was a pleasure meeting you at SGMS this weekend. I'll take some time to browse this blog later today. Maybe another comment or two will come your way.

Until then, here's my email address if you want to keep in touch:

Keep drawing!