Friday, September 26, 2008

Darcy Sketch and new Links

Color sketch of Darcy. I realized I haven't done a lot of color drawings so characters that I've had for years don't have color schemes yet. So here's the first of more to come. Darcy wears a lot of earthy colors, it helps to complement his natural coloring(hair, skin, and eyes). He normaly wears an off white button-up shirt under his vest, but it wasn't drawn in the sketch...

Also, my MCAD buddy Ed has a fantastic comic blog that's worth checking. If you're into Independent comics then you'll be very happy to find his blog.

My MCAD teacher Zak Sally also has a great publishing company and the link to his site has been added to the list. Also a treasure trove of Independent comics, so be sure to check him out!


Katy Farina said...

Haha, I actually do the same thing with characters and leave them sans-colour for years. There are characters I have from wayyyy back in the day that *still* don't have a colour scheme. And yet I draw them all the time??? How does this work! I just don't know. ^^'

Francesca B said...

Yes! Darcy's outfit is awesome! And I'm really happy about your color pictures; they look really good and complement your sketches.
Also, seeing Darcy in color reminds me of Lt. Dojo. XD