Sunday, June 1, 2008


The Kindrid site has been updated! Check for more info and art.
This was a color study for an illustration. It's watercolor and pencil.

Just some cute chibi sketches.


During the weekend of finals I watched all 2 seasons of Avatar and all that's been released of the 3rd one. I ended up liking the show a lot despite what I thought of it before (A Naruto rip off), it's a fun show and I'm looking forward to the rest of it.
I just did a quick sketch of Zuko and Aang.


[GRIEVLOCKE] said...

XD yes, avatar = awesome. I would have to say that Zuko is my favorite character. A confused enemy joining the other side is always fun.

Francesca said...

Dude, your Zuko is frickin awesome. It looks just like him but in your own style. *wants*

Melissa said...

nice work! i'm excited to see more!