Friday, March 14, 2008

MCAD style and other things

So for my roommates class she had to draw MCAD style. I felt like doing it too... although Alec doesn't seem to much different... or really like MCAD style...

Alec, probably making fun of someone or something.

Claus and Penelope looking dramatic. Seward down there in the corner looks rather crazy, I just wanted to draw the expression since I don't do it often, and since he's a villan of sorts it seemed appropriate. Also a profile of Dean is slightly cut off at the bottom.
Since I've been working on a 1930's themed comic lately, I wanted to draw Lillia in a flapper dress.
And Lastly, a pencil of a digital illustration that I'll be coloring. We were given a list of things to choose from and then make a themed illustration from it. I chose "from scorched skyscrapers men grew wings", okay, I know she's a girl, but it's not that big of a deal right?


Maddy said...

1930s America? Depression? Ask me if you need some historical facts, you know me. :P Yay to vampires!

Roxy's Sketches said...

yeah, it's like 1930 to 1931 or somewhere abouts. And even though I knew flappers were more of a 20's thing I wanted to use them :P kinda cheating I know....
It's probably going to be a fictional 1930's though since I didn't plan on writing about the great depression, but who knows, maybe I could integrate it? It did happen in 1931 right?