Thursday, March 6, 2008

Magical Samurai Nendoroids

Miscellaneous stuff.

Magical Girl. she's not from anything.
Adele in a samurai-like get-up.
Maybe you don't know the nendoroid line of figures... but basically their super cute chibi figures that can have their facial expressions changes and come with props. I had just gotten my Death Note L, one the week that I drew these. I just decided to do some VERY loose concepts. I like the Darcy one, but Adele feels a little off...


Francesca B said...

Samurai Adele is so cool. Her arm is so relaxed and believably holding the sword. Love her hair here too.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Adele looks cool. I feel like maybe drawing all of our characters in alternate, themed outfits like this might be a good exercise...