Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Lack Of Power Cord

Just some random stuff since my computer still needs a new powercord.
These are the main male characters (although Horace isn't there...or Ezekiel...) As you can see this is quite old since Claus and Darcy's hair is different now.
Top Left to bottom right, Claus, Alec, Darcy, Quincy, Xavier.
More random Old sketches. Darcy reading a book. Alec not being able to stand cold weather, and Claus and Lillia getting ready to go out in the rain or something.
Leroy and I each drew our own versions of ALIEN, can you guess which is mine? Also notice the fishtaco.
Sketch of Aiden from Balamb Crisis. Copyright R.P.
Character for an online RP that River, Me, and Alicia created, but forum got hacked by some jackass. Anyway, I plan on recycling him in a later story sometime, I liked him even though he was a jerk and apears a little emo.
Sketch of Maya from Balamb Crisis. Copyright R.P.
For the Same RP as the character above. She was actually recycled as one of the main villians for Meggido. But was changed so drastically I'm not even sure that I can say that she was based on her anymore... okay... lets just say that they have the same name and that's all.
Sketch of Daven from Balamb Crisis. Copyright R.P.
And while I'm at it, here's River's character from that same RP. I wish he was better done -_-' anyway, there he is.


[GRIEVLOCKE] said...

It was pretty lame that site got hacked, first and last rp I was ever part of...

I didn't kno gackt was going to be playable in CC:FFVII, he had his own game you know, it was called "Bujingai" and was a total joke amongst the other gamers at DeVry when I was going there, but I do like his music ^_^

And yea, Sephiroth is overplayed and Zack is the best FFVII character. He's cool headed, sarcastic, not emo (Cloud...>_<) and has black hair, so I can cosplay him =P what's not to like?

River said...

It made me so mad when it got hacked. I put so much effort into making it work... and it was so much fun! I almost forgot about all the characters. This is a nice reminder. Guns are cool!

Keep up the good work on this blog... I will visit it regularly.

Roxy's Sketches said...

I know, you made that thing so awesome! damn what's his face hacker jerk who lives in his mom's basement with nothing better to do than wreck other peoples stuff... *grumble*