Friday, March 28, 2008

Skate Girl

I've realized that so many of the images I've been posting are all pixelly because I don't put them into photoshop first and do the "save for web" option because it took so long to scan all the images, I got lazy and just did save as. Thus the images are huge and when I re-size in Blogger they get all pixeled out.
Well I'll try and be more on top of things from now on and post pictures that have been "saved" properly.

So now I'll post what I drew last night when Alicia and Dan were playing Smash.


Cleaned up the images and just stuck a simple background on (I didn't draw the background image btw.) Her hair came out a little chunkier than intended -_-'


Anonymous said...

Fun stuff!

Say, what's your email address?
I wanna send you the pictures I took! :D


Maddy said...

I like it:)
you win!

Lindsay said...

hey roxy - this is weird, but i googled skate girl cause i'm doing a bedding collection for a client & your image was the first thing that came up! Ha!

I didn't know you had a blog! weird!

this is lindsay nohl by they way.

this is a great drawing :)
hope you're good !