Friday, March 14, 2008

Colaborative Story Rough Concepts

3 of us are planing on working on a collaborative story at some point in the future, it all started when we were at Tango sushi talking about how we should become the next CLAMP.
Basically it's about a clock shop, time travel, and 3 guys who inherit an equal part of property from an old man that none of them are related to.
We each thought up one of the main characters, mine being the youngest and still in high school whereas the others are adults with jobs... or in the case of Alicia's character, he can't seem to keep himself employed.
My character, Noah(Yes i'm recycling a name again...) is stupid, and positive, this helps to balance the other 2 main characters that are far from both of those descriptive words.
We had planned to all adapt a style to draw in so that we could all feasibly do any page.
first I drew an original idea, then Francesca and Alicia both drew him in their style.
After adapting to the uniform shared style(kinda) this is how he came out, Francesca also drew her character Clive on the same page in that style.
and some more face studies.

then we decided to try doing different aspects of the comic to try and get it done faster. Francesca was going to look for backgrounds, Alicia would flesh out more of the story, and i would start with thumbnails for actual pages. Here they are:
Basically just introducing the 3 main characters and getting them to the clock shop.
Unfortunately this story has been put on hold, but it hasn't been forgotten. You may see more from this story in years to come.

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Where did this idea go? :(