Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Adele and Ezekiel

Adele and Ezekiel are "siblings" I use quotations because Adele was adopted into his family. They're both 20 and are relatively close, more so when they were younger.
Since Adele was traumatized as a child and didn't talk, Ezekiel would always be around her trying to help her. eventually after an incident she ends up speaking again due to his help.
In fact she sings a particular song that Ezekiel likes very much.
Adele's singing the song in question and Ezekiel is trying to sing along. this is actually a concept for a scene that will happen later.
This is when she still doesn't talk.
Copic marker experiment. This is Adele in her Military uniform(It's more of a formal one since the default one may be pants, I haven't quite decided.)
As for Ezekiel, I don't even have a concept for his default outfit, so he's just in simple clothing.

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Maddy said...

Yeah, give her pants for her uniform. Or capri short thingys. Skirts are impractical for the military. I love the uniform though!