Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Transpose Operator will be back!

On August 6th 2018, Transpose Operator will return!

Transpose Operator's relaunch is related to my newly launched Patreon.

Transpose Operator was my first webcomic, and as many of these projects go, it got away from me in terms of scale and scope. This does not mean that I gave up on it, but I put the comic on permanent hiatus. I am now re-imagining the story as more text based, and will combine illustrations, comics, and prose. This is a Patreon exclusive and will be available to those paying $5+. Eventually I will make a new website for Transpose Operator in it's new form, but chapters will always go up on Patreon first, no matter what, so you will be able to read it before everyone else on the internet!

Chapter 1 will debut August 6th, and there will be a new complete chapter approximately every 2 months.

Transpose Operator is a far future sci-fi story taking place on a unknown planet. Humanity and synthetic lifeforms are fighting a losing battle against the Cult of the Red Queen, whose followers are infected with a possession that science cannot explain. These few vestiges that continue to fight are known as The Resistance, whose members are the last sane humans and synthetic lifeforms on the planet. They fight not only for their own survival, but the survival of all life on their planet.

"My ears were ringing from the blast, my vision was blurred, the scene before me was chaotic and unclear. When my vision came back into focus, I could see a large portion of the hallway I had just been running down was now gone, and in its place was a gaping hole revealing the destruction outside.
Plumes of smoke, gunfire, screams… The war was here… the war had come to the capitol… and it had been Max and I who had let them in. As I looked out through the missing hallway I could see the fighting below, I could see my colleagues dying and I had to ask myself… had we done the right thing?"

There will be a lot of violence and mature themes in this story, so it is a 15+ recommended rating. If there is something in particular I need to warn readers of about the contents of the story I will preface that given chapter with a warning, so you will not be caught unaware of the content.

I'm super excited to be bringing Transpose Operator back and being able to tell this story again! Come join me on patreon and be a part of bringing it to life as well!

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Saturday, May 12, 2018

SH3 Heather sketch

warm up sketch from today, I was looking at a screenshot and practicing freehand recreation :3 it was a fun exercise!

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Fate GO Gudako and Avenger sketch

This started out as a warm up sketch and then I got a little carried away...

I didn't manage to pull Avenger in his featured event which sucks T^T here's hoping i have better luck the next time he shows up.

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Space Bun Enamel Pins black & white versions are now up for pre-order!

Space Bun pre-orders are now live!

Each pin design is limited to 100 pieces each that I'll be debuting at VanCAF on May 19-20th, but you can also pre-order NOW to reserve your pins and make sure you don't miss out! Half of them will be available on etsy and half of them will be reserved for shows!


A cute but intrepid space adventurer to journey with you into the unknown! Make a new friend or two and take home these adorable space bun pins today!
All pins will come with a specially designed pin card, and in a protective plastic bag.
There are 2 versions of this pin the black design and the white design, and you get a discount for getting both!

-Made with Black Nickel
-Measuring 1.75 inches high
-2 metal backing posts to make sure you can display them securely on your favorite jacket, bag, pin board, or wherever you like to display your pins
-Rubber pin backs
-Limited run of 100 pieces per design!

All pre-orders must be made by May 22nd to qualify for the exclusive bonus. All pre-orders will be shipped after May 22nd!